About Us


First & foremost, this site only sells 101% authentic & genuine currencies. Feel free to call mata if you think otherwise. If you translate “printbanknotes” into Chinese, which is 印钞票, it is actually a slang in Chinese/Hokkien language meaning one has too much money to spare as if he was a “money printer”. We have alot to clear, thus the name!

I understand that some might be worried about the site being used to counterfeit money or such, however the idea of the domain name is actually just a play around words so that people are able to remember my site easily hehe. I got this idea from my dad & thought it was an easy to remember name for my customers out there!

Yes, I initially started out as @sellantiques on Carousell app some time back but I forgot my password to the account & created a new account @antiques4u which has been up & running for about a year or so already since 2014 🙂 I’ll have since moved on to @printbanknotes on Carousell to match my current website name so do take note!!


Yes yes, the all time feedback I get from my buyers about other dealers of this trade actually trying to figure out who I am because I usually (somehow) “spoil market” for them by offering super low prices which are usually below the current market range. I’m actually just a student helping my dad clear off my grandfather’s collection as well as notes here and there that my father himself owns. I created this website for easier viewing such that my buyers are able to view the wide collection of notes we have to clear at once on this platform.

Thank you for reading this section & I hope to deal with you in future!! 🙂